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Government and Community Relations at GW

All great cities have great universities. As a long standing anchor insitution in the District of Columbia, the George Washington University is invested in the success and vitality of the Washington metropolitan area. We actively share our resources and cultivate collaboration with the communities surrounding all three of our campuses, enhancing our collective quality of life and advancing our common goals.

The George Washington University community lends a wealth of intellectual capital to policymaking, whether it occurs in the White House, the U.S. Congress, the D.C. and Virginia governments, the courts or the hundreds of agencies, associations, foundations and think tanks throughout the region. GW infuses Washington’s government-related institutions with its research, experience, and an army of dedicated interns.


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GW Biostatistics Center, 50 Years of Transformational Research

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The center’s landmark studies through the decades have advanced diabetes care and treatment, maternal-fetal medicine and more.

This spring, the George Washington University Biostatistics Center is celebrating 50 years of groundbreaking research that has improved the health outcomes and quality of life for millions of people worldwide. The center’s large-scale public health and medical studies, conducted in close partnership with scientists and clinical sites across the United States and internationally, have transformed our understanding and treatment of everything from diabetes complications such as blindness and kidney failure to birth disorders like cerebral palsy.


Biostatistics applies statistical methods to the design, conduct, analyses, interpretation and reporting of research studies that address important research questions in public health and medicine. Such research results in evidence-based strategies to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases. As a national leader in clinical trials and biostatistics methodology research, the center aims to improve public health and clinical practice by conducting transformative scientific research, with a focus on providing leadership and expertise in the execution of clinical trials, observational studies and diagnostic studies.

Over the past five decades, the center has done just that, having published more than 1,700 papers, including 61 in the New England Journal of Medicine, and been cited countless times in reports to the United States president and Congress. In addition, the center has advanced biostatistical science by developing and implementing innovative approaches for the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of clinical research studies. It provides training and education to GW students relevant to clinical trials and other clinical research, currently employing 20 students.



$58M in research expenditures


200, Number of active sub-awards on projects currently managed by the center


Scott Evans, director of the Biostatistics Center, and professor and founding chair of the Milken Institute School of Public Health Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, described the center’s role as the nucleus of a much broader research endeavor.

"We hope to have a positive impact on public health and medicine through leading research projects that inform how you diagnose, treat or prevent diseases in patients,” he said. "What is most rewarding to see is the enormous magnitude of the impact that our studies have in the lives of patients, and the role that the center has had in the lives of the people that have worked there." 

Learn more about the foundation, their groundbreaking research, and what the road ahead looks like at GWToday.





The George Washington University and its medical enterprise, the Medical Faculty Associates, deliver not only substantial intellectual capital for Washington, D.C., but also enormous economic impact. From jobs and tax revenue generated to the investments and spending made by its entire community, GW creates value and improves quality of life throughout the District every single day.



Learn more about the economic value of the George Washington Unviersity.

Economic Impact Report


GW Serves DC 2021 Report

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This year marks the George Washington University’s bicentennial. For the past 200 years, the fates and fortunes of both GW and Washington, D.C., have been closely intertwined. Together, we have seen both great opportunities and challenges, and we have strengthened our bonds through our shared experiences. 

Thanks to these strong ties, we have established many community partnerships, guided by the deep conviction that we have a responsibility to serve our local communities. The projects and programs that have emerged from our partnerships are based on mutual care, respect and collaboration. The university’s bicentennial is an important time to reflect on the significance of the work that our students, faculty and staff perform in the D.C. community. Given the recent challenges of the pandemic, the need for sustained community engagement has never been clearer. 

I am pleased to share with you this report featuring an overview of civic engagement activities that GW has undertaken in our city. We are proud of the work of our community, and we are excited about the ongoing contributions we will make to help improve our home, Washington, D.C. 

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. 


Thomas J. LeBlanc

President (2017-2021)