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All great cities have great universities. As a long standing anchor insitution in the District of Columbia, the George Washington University is invested in the success and vitality of the Washington metropolitan area. We actively share our resources and cultivate collaboration with the communities surrounding all three of our campuses, enhancing our collective quality of life and advancing our common goals.

The George Washington University community lends a wealth of intellectual capital to policymaking, whether it occurs in the White House, the U.S. Congress, the D.C. and Virginia governments, the courts or the hundreds of agencies, associations, foundations and think tanks throughout the region. GW infuses Washington’s government-related institutions with its research, experience, and an army of dedicated interns.


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Commencement Speaker


Olympian Elana Meyers Taylor Inspires Graduates to Create "Medal-Worthy Moments"

Olympic bobsled champion and George Washington University Athletic Hall of Famer Elana Meyers Taylor, B.S. ’06, M.T.A. ’11, HON ’18, drew on her own triumphs over adversity, failure and discrimination along her path to becoming the most decorated Black athlete in Winter Olympics history during her address to the Class of 2022 on Sunday on the National Mall.

Lifting the two medals she won at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, China—bringing her career total to five—Meyers Taylor inspired the estimated 31,000 graduates and guests to prevail over future challenges with a “recipe of resilience, of the ability to get back up, dust yourself off and find another way.” Meyers Taylor called the field of graduates  “already among the most resilient people in the history of education” as she encouraged them to “create your own medal-worthy moments.”

Before opening the ceremony, Provost Christopher Alan Bracey acknowledged the mass shooting in Buffalo, N.Y., on Saturday, which left 10 people dead and three injured, most of them Black. “We must condemn such hate and violence publicly and forcefully, and we must actively work to fight the racism that many experience, particularly members of our African American community,” Bracey said before leading the ceremony in a moment of silence.

Bracey then welcomed graduates and family members and noted the contributions of alumni and donors who funded scholarship opportunities. Stressing the transformational power of education, he encouraged graduates to join a legacy of GW scholars who harnessed their knowledge and passion into fighting for societal change. He emphasized that the graduates were inheriting a responsibility to “continue stepping up when facing the world’s difficult challenges.

Later, the proud moment for the Class of 2022 finally arrived. Friends and family looked on as the graduates received their degrees. In his charge, Wrighton complemented the graduates as “an exceptional group of motivated, bright individuals” and congratulated them on their intellectual achievements and their resilience in the face of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. He urged graduates to devote themselves to a lifetime of learning and to seek out diverse experiences while pursuing a life of meaning and purpose.

“At the George Washington University, you received an education designed to prepare you as leaders. Now, you are those leaders, equipped with knowledge, skills and resources to help solve the world’s most pressing challenges, both today and tomorrow,” Wrighton said. “Every member of the Class of 2022 can use what you have learned at the George Washington University to uplift communities and serve the public good.”

Read a full recap of the 2022 commencement ceremony at GWToday.



The George Washington University and its medical enterprise, the Medical Faculty Associates, deliver not only substantial intellectual capital for Washington, D.C., but also enormous economic impact. From jobs and tax revenue generated to the investments and spending made by its entire community, GW creates value and improves quality of life throughout the District every single day.



Learn more about the economic value of the George Washington Unviersity.

Economic Impact Report



Presidential Distinguished Event Series:

The George Washington University, in partnership with the League of Women Voters DC, hosted two public candidates forums featuring candidates for the upcoming 2022 Washington DC elections. A DC Attorney General Candidates Forums on April 26, 2022, and the DC Mayoral Candidates Forum on April 27, 2022. 



These forums provided District voters an opportunity to hear candidates’ priorities and issues of importance in this upcoming election. GW and LWVDC, both nonpartisan entities, encourage informed and active participation in democracy through education and advocacy. On top of the live audience and livesteam, this form was re-broadcasted to the approximately 4,500 incarcerated District voters in over 100 DC Department of Corrections Jails and Facilities. 




2022 DC Attorney General Candidates Forum

2022 DC Mayoral Candidates Forum



GW Serves DC

Cover of GW Serves DC Report


This year marks the George Washington University’s bicentennial. For the past 200 years, the fates and fortunes of both GW and Washington, D.C., have been closely intertwined. Together, we have seen both great opportunities and challenges, and we have strengthened our bonds through our shared experiences. 

Thanks to these strong ties, we have established many community partnerships, guided by the deep conviction that we have a responsibility to serve our local communities. The projects and programs that have emerged from our partnerships are based on mutual care, respect and collaboration. The university’s bicentennial is an important time to reflect on the significance of the work that our students, faculty and staff perform in the D.C. community. Given the recent challenges of the pandemic, the need for sustained community engagement has never been clearer. 

I am pleased to share with you this report featuring an overview of civic engagement activities that GW has undertaken in our city. We are proud of the work of our community, and we are excited about the ongoing contributions we will make to help improve our home, Washington, D.C. 

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. 


Thomas J. LeBlanc

President (2017-2021)