The George Washington University’s campuses in Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon Campus, are represented by the following elected officials:


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A, Foggy Bottom and West End

  • Yannik Omictin, Commissioner, 2A01
  • Joel Causey, Commissioner, 2A02
  • Trupti Patel, Commissioner, 2A03
  • Donna Barbisch, Commissioner, 2A04
  • Evelyn Hudson, Commissioner, 2A05
  • Jeri Epstein, Commissioner, 2A06, Chairperson
  • Adam Friend, Commissioner, 2A07
  • Margaret McDonald, Commissioner, 2A08


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3D, Mount Vernon

  • Chuck Elkins, Commissioner, 3D01
  • Elizabeth Pemmerl, Commissioner, 3D02
  • Paige Ela, Commissioner, 3D03, Chairperson
  • Michael Sriqui, Commissioner, 3D04
  • Kate B. Nanavatty, Commissioner, 3D05
  • Jason Rao, Commissioner, 3D06
  • Christian Damiana, Commissioner, 3D07
  • Ben Bergmann, Commissioner, 3D08
  • J.P. Szymkowicz, Commissioner, 3D09
  • Jeremy Del Moral, Commissioner, 3D10