Advocacy Guidance

The Office of Government and Community Relations (OGCR) oversees advocacy efforts for the university. GW faculty and staff may request university support for a specific action through the signing of an advocacy letter or participation in an event. Requests may be submitted to OGCR through the process detailed below.

The information below should be gathered before sending a request to OGCR:

  • Letter/event/activity name
  • Primary contact for request
  • Date and duration of letter/event/activity
  • Deadline to participate
  • Goal/purpose (include stated connection to education/research)
  • List of other colleges and universities joining the advocacy
  • Media involved, if applicable (e.g., print, social)
  • Costs associated with the advocacy, if applicable
  • Estimated number of people reached

Please note that the GW faculty or staff member must gain the support of the dean of their school or the vice president of their administrative unit to advance the advocacy request. Once leadership approval is gained, the faculty/staff member may to [email protected] with the information referenced above. 

OGCR will evaluate the advocacy request and, if deemed appropriate, will share the advocacy request to members of the university’s leadership team for approval. OGCR will provide response to the requestor in a timely manner.