Federal Relations

Capitol Building

The Distance from Campus to the Hill is Even Shorter than You Think

OGCR works to inform decision makers and others interested in federal issues affecting our university about policies that will give our students and faculty the best opportunities to learn. At the federal level, OGCR has four core areas of responsibility:

  • Advocate for federal financial aid to help ensure students can attend college
  • Encourage the growth of social, scientific and humanities research
  • Monitor higher education policy
  • Develop and maintain GW’s strong relationships between the federal government, foreign embassies and our campus

Originally envisioned by our namesake as the institution that would serve as the intellectual hub of the country, the George Washington University is now known worldwide as the largest university in our nation's capital. Today, literally thousands of GW faculty, alumni and students contribute to both policy innovations and the day-to-day functioning of our federal government, turning their knowledge into immediate impact.